Monday, April 21, 2008

Introduction to Futures Trading

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Over the next five days we are seeking to accomplish the following:
1. Provide you with a thorough understanding of the basics of commodity trading.
2. Understand the leverage and risk inherit in the futures markets.
3. Understand the development of futures markets as hedging tools.
4. Understand the global variety and depth of futures trading.
5. Build and operate our own futures exchange.
6. Understand various career paths associated with the futures markets.


Over the next few days through presentations, guest speakers, and other means we will attempt to accomplish the above mentioned goals. You will be called upon and to think and act. You will succeed. Futures trading is a cut throat world of raw capitalism. Every day at exchanges all over the world some of the world’s best and brightest minds wage war against each other. Some trade their own money. Others trade funds of investment pools. Others are looking only to hedge their costs to lock in operating profit spreads. It’s a winner take all world where the bravest and quickest are either rich or broke by the end of the day. In the end the consumer benefits. Or do they? Checkout the videos below to get a taste of what you are in for from the new movie floored coming out next year.

From the new movie "Floored" - planned release in 2009

This next one is from the opening of trading on the MGEX. Around the opening bell at 1:00 in it gets interesting.

And futures trading has even made it into some popular movies. I don't think any of you were alive when this one came out.

Recent market volatility is bringing more attention to commodities markets

Leave a comment. What did you think of the videos? What was the most interesting part? Have you ever been to an exchange before?


Patiio said...

I thought the clip with Eddie Murphy was pretty entertaining and "Floored" did a good job of showing the energy and chaos that are on the floor. The only thing about the page I didn't care for was the cheesy computer voice at the beginning. I would prefer the Mr. Roy announcement voice or at least Eddie Murphy?

A. Angell said...

The clips were enlightening. I didn't know the floor chaos in the movies depicted trading so accurately. The links also gave me a better understanding of commodities trading, given the fact that I knew nothing about it to begin with.

Joe B said...

I'm really surprised at how much more to the commodities trading business there actually is than just being on the floor, or working with a group as Mr. Roy did primarily to make money. You can really tell that all of these business workers are on the tops of their games, and the good ones clearly know how to think ahead. I also second Pat's voice suggestion!

meghan said...

I enjoyed the videos. I have never been to an exchange and there for never really seen one, so I thought it was really interesting to watch.

Megan said...

I've never been to an exchange so it was interesting to see one. It seems very chaotic and I would think it would be a stressful job. I don't understand what they are all shouting about, so it will be fun to find out, by learning more about trading.

Katie B. said...

Wow. Grown people sure do know how to make themselves look ridiculous. Personally I think this whole floor thing is quite absurd and barbaric. Can no one get a real job and actually work for their money? I guess that's the world we live in today...

torijackson said...

I didn't not think that it got this crazy! Grown people fighting over this just really makes me think. I've never been to exchange and I don't think I really want to go to one. I think that people get to into this but I understand why they do.

Alisha Singh said...

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